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Recent News

Information about the server!

Act II coming soon!
Server is offline for new patches and act II, we will change some things, add some new systems like Tabbed Inventory, Mount System and so on. And there will be a wipe, but you can refund for 3 days all your donations!
More Information coming soon! Thanks for your understanding.

Regards Lightning Grave Staff

Release date: 13.04.2016, 06:38

Patchnotes 2.0

General fixes and advances:
- all 2%, C and D Cards completely removed, so lower Giants have better droprate for new players
- we removed all B Cards and changed them to a Lucky Card Box (B)
- we removed all 4% Cards and changed them to a Lucky Card Box (4%)
- all Element Cards like Generator Card, Desert Card, River Card and so on removed and added to [Jewel Manager] Peach
- No Exp Scroll fixed
- Guild Buff Level 60 added (AllStats +15 and +20% Jump Higher)
- Special Bow Mastery description adjusted
- Nature description adjusted
- Fast Shot description adjusted
- Smite Axe description adjusted
- Empower Weapon description adjusted

Regards SadPANDA

Release date: 03.04.2016, 06:18

Patchnotes Hotfix 1.9.1

- Ringmaster Skill changed back
- Wing Mask (invisible bug fixed)
- Nature got new effect (+30% HitRate)
- Lord Bug fixed

Regards SadPANDA

Release date: 29.03.2016, 10:59

Patchnotes 1.9

New features and systems:
- with double right-click you can add items to your trade window
- with double right-click in your trade window you can remove items back to your inventory

General fixes and advances:
- Modelchange for Floating Masks is now available (for example with another mask)
- HugaHug Mask, Two Face, Cyborg Hat and some other masks -> slot changed from Cloak to Mask
-- You need to wear another cloak to get the mask out of the slot!
- new effect added to Lightspeed Dragon King Set -> 10% Casting Time
- Event Monster system readded
- Some descriptions fixed (PowerUps)
- Shop name descriptions fixed (Npcs)
- Soul of Rhisis (Seraph Skill) effect changed:
Cast a protective shield around yourself that increases your Hp +250.000. This shield will last for 15 seconds.
- No Exp Scroll (1 day) added to [Red Chip Exchange] Smiff
- No Exp Scroll (7 day) added to [Red Chip Exchange] Smiff
New Shop System/Design
- If you have too much Penya in your inventory, you will see a message on your screen and you can't sell more items.
- If you close your shop, items will be saved for the next time.
- You can open a shop with all currencies at the same time

Event changes:
- Easter Event 2016 started from 24th March until the 04th April
- All monsters in Coral, Azria, Traseia and Dark Traseia have hidden Rainbow Lucky Easter Eggs
- You can exchange them to a Festive Easter Egg Basket
- Easter Event 2016 Exchanger added to [Event Exchanger] Loyah (Flarine North next to Hair Designer)
- Fester Easter Egg Basket includes:
Orange Egg (5% Hit Rate for 30min)
Gray Egg (+30 Def for 30min)
White Egg (+5% Casting Time for 30min)
Yellow Egg (+5% AtkSpeed for 30min)
Pink Egg (+5% Critical HitRate for 30min)
Sky Blue Egg (+5% Parry for 30min)
VIP Scroll (3 days) - Donation Item
EXP Set (M/F):
Exp +50%
Speed +10%
AllStats +15
AtkRate +5%

Regards LG Staff

Release date: 24.03.2016, 09:29

Patchnotes 1.8.1

!New WebDesign!
New features and systems:
- Rock-Paper-Scissors Coupon added to Lucky Box
- Rock-Paper-Scissors Coupon added with new prices:
Round 1: 1x Pride of Victory
Round 2: 1x Scroll of Resurrection
Round 3: 3x Scroll of Sprint
Round 4: 3x Scroll of Velocity
Round 5: 1x Silver Battery
Round 6: 1x Gold Battery
Round 7: 1x Scratch Card
Round 8: 1x Perin
Round 9: 3x Perin
Round 10: 1x Scorpion Fighter (great Pick-Up Pet)
Round 11: 1x Big Red Chip (Double-Click the Big Red Chip to convert it into 9999 Red Chips.)
Round 12: 1x Baby Pinata (Donation Pet with All Stats+15)
Round 13: 1x Big Blue Chip (Double-Click the Big Blue Chip to convert it into 9999 Blue Chips.)

General fixes and advances:
- Valentine Event Exchanger removed
- Tower B1-B5 Lucky Boxes from Azria added
- Big Blue Chip changed to [Blue Chip Exchange] Other
- Beginner Event ends and VIP (3 days) was removed
- Rangda/Horrible Rangda/Uncanny Rangda/Dreadful Rangda got new drops:
10x Oricalcum
10x Moonstone
10x Remantis Laccotte
1x Normal Battery (30min)
1x Cooper Battery (1 day)
1x Silver Battery (3 days)
1x Golden Battery (10 days)

Event changes:
- Monthly Online Event changed
- every hour you will get:
Purple Egg (STA +10)
Green Egg (INT +10)
Blue Egg (DEX +10)
Red Egg (STR +10)

Coming soon:
- we prepare an Easter Event for all players
- probably start: 25th March 2016

Release date: 07.03.2016, 08:30

Patchnotes 1.8

Patchnotes 1.8
New features and systems:
- Character creation window glow added
- wear weapons on back in normal stance (can be de/activated)

General fixes and advances:
- Collector Field drops changed back
Hot Ddukguk readded
Sweet Ddukguk readded
Fresh Ddukguk readded
- Diary of adventure can be delted
- Goku Hair (M) model changed because of some client crashes

- Random Event Monster Spawn System fixed and monster changed:
[Event]Giant Yeti - 30% Chance to spawn every 30min
[Event]Giant Augo - 30% Chance to spawn every 30min
[Event]Giant Prince - 30% Chance to spawn every 60min (drops x1.5)
[Event]Giant Mammoth - 20% Chance to spawn every 60min (drops x2)

Beginner items changed
Beginner Item: Bamboo Stick
Level 2: SadPANDA Cloak
Level 2: Panda Set(M/F)
Level 2: Baby Panda
Level 6: VIP Scroll (3 days)
Level 6: Vagrantus Set(M/F)
Level 8: AllSkills Max Scroll
Level 10: Scroll of Amplification ES20 (Exp x1.5)
Level 18: Inventory Bag (1 day) (2x)
Level 20: Flying Cloud
Level 30: Coral Ticket (1 day)
Level 60: Azria Ticket (1 day)
Level 60: Pot of Love
Level 60: Christmas Cake
Level 60: Pride of Victory
Level 60: Valentine Chocolate
Level 60: Upcut Stone
Level 65: Scroll of Amplification ES80 (Exp x1.5)
Level 95: Scroll of Amplification ES120 (Exp x1.5)

Regards SadPANDA

Release date: 27.02.2016, 09:17

Patchnotes 1.7.1

New features and systems:
- Shader for Dark Illusion added
You can turn off in our options if you don't like it

- Random Event Monster Spawn System added
Random Spawns: Flarine/Garden of Rhisis/Saint Morning/Darkon 1/Darkon 3/Shaduwar/Valley of Risen/Eillun/Bahara Desert
[Event]Aibatt - 30% Chance to spawn every 30min
[Event]Mushpang - 30% Chance to spawn every 30min
[Event]PukePuke - 30% Chance to spawn every 60min (drops x1.5)
[Event]Lawolf - 20% Chance to spawn every 60min (drops x2)
Event Monster Drops:
- 5x Ginger Bread
- 5x Christmas Cake
- 5x Pride of Victory
- 5x Valentine Chocolate
- 5x Grilled Eel
- 5x Octopus
- 5x Secret of Strengthening B
- 5x Secret of Strengthening A
- 5x Secret of Strengthening S
- 1x Fita Box
- 5x Scroll of Sprint
- 5x Scroll of Velocity

General fixes and advances:
- Valentine's week event closed
- Big Blue Chip added to [Blue Chip Exchange] Other
- Big Blue Chip got new icon
- Big Red Chip got new icon
- Billposter/Forcemaster basic critrate increased
- Kalgas respawn after dead changed to flaris

Regards SadPANDA

Release date: 20.02.2016, 09:50

Patchnotes 1.7

General changes:
- [FARM]Carnia Ticket (7 days) description changed
- Rage and Guard descriptions changed
- FWC Card description changed
- FITA cookies description changed
- Guild furniture description changed
- Teleport descriptions fixed
- Buff effect name color changed
- Destructive/Lightspeed/Almighty Dragon King’s Mask effects removed
- Electric Card (D-S) Critical Rate changed to Critical Damage (Fire Cards has more Critical Damage)
- Pan Barrier duration increased
- Channel 1 - Online count from 300 to 400 increased
- Kalgas Dungeon boss room adjusted

- Donation Sale Out only for PayPal and Paysafecard available.
- Donation Sale is available for 1 day (Valentine's Day)

General fixes and advances:
- Custom title system adjusted ( forbidden words added )
- Gamemaster can remove Custom Title if they aren't allowed
- Big Red Chip added to [Red Chip Exchange] Smiff
Double-Click the Big Red Chip to convert it into 9999 Red Chips
- adjusted Timer window
- Partyfinder shows which skills/scrolls are activated

Collector Field changes:
- Mysterious Pill recovers now 50.000HP
- Mysterious Pill added to collector field
- Hot/Sweet/Fresh Ddukguk removed from collector field

Valentine's Week Event 2016
Farm "Heart Pieces" and exchange it by Trixy into Valentino Boxes
You can get great items:
x5 Blue Chips
x1 Chocolate Bar (Recovers 200 HP)
x1 Mysterious Pill (Recovers HP by 50,000)
x1 Milk Chocolate (10% Speed)
x1 Twister Cracker
x1 Rocket Cracker
x1 Heart Cracker
x1 No Disguise
x1 Juia Trans
x1 Bang Trans
x1 Mushpang Trans
x1 Level Balloon (5% HpRate)
x1 Valentine Chocolate
x1 Baby Pinata (All Stats +15)

Regards SadPANDA

Release date: 13.02.2016, 11:22

Patchnotes 1.6

Patchnotes 1.6
General Changes:
- Baby Minion added for Nikkyy (first one with level 150)
- Donater of the month will get a Baby Pikatchu with new effects
Bilder oder Fotos hochladen
- command whisper completely removed
- Some Cash Shop pet models fixed
- Baby Rangda size changed
- Timer window size increased
- Clockworks quest removed
- Clockwors will spawn on random places in Madrigal
- Wind Card description adjusted
- FFA times changed:
Time 12:30am
Time 03:30am
Time 06:30am
Time 09:30am
Time 12:30pm
Time 03:30pm
Time 06:30pm
Time 09:30pm

[Red Chip Exchange] Smiff got new items
- Road Hog Set M/F added
- Custom Hats added

Guild House Furnitures
- Common Guild House items added
- Elegant Guild House items added
- Wooden Guild House items added
- Plush Guild House items added

Class balance changes
- Special Bow Mastery effect changed
- Fast Shot effect changed
- Kalgas Forcemaster set effect changed from 30% to 40%HpRate
- Dryad Ranger set effect changed from 30% to 40%HpRate
- Dryad Jester set effect changed from 25% to 40%HpRate
- Dryad Blade set effect changed from 25% to 40%HpRate
- Dryad Elementor set effect changed from 30% to 40%HpRate

Regards SadPANDA

Release date: 05.02.2016, 12:42

Patchnotes 1.5

Patchnotes 1.5
General Changes:
- Wing Masks added to item mall and ingame [Blue Chip Exchange] Other
- Model prices reduced to 5000 Blue Chips
- Collector Cloak chance reduced
- Flask of the Lion/Fox/Rabbit/Tiger reduced
- Kalgas dungeon bossroom adjusted
- Guild War map changed to reduce the stun bugg
- Some Madrigal Models position fixed
- Volcano port changed to flaris if you are dead
- Dragon sets changed -> now you get all effects with 3 parts
- Dragon masks effect changed to allstats +5
- Ankou damage increased (20%)
- Carnia Ticket description changed

Weapon/Set changes:
- All set effects adjusted from Bloody-Kalgas
- Hernes/Hernesum Big Sword attack speed changed to fastest
- Hernes/Hernesum Big Sword sword cross added
- Hernesum Big Sword effects increased (better then Legendary Golden weapon)
- Behemoth Sword (Templar) basic attack increased
- Behemoth Sword (Templar) critical damage increased

Item Mall:
- Lucky Pick-Up Pet Box added to donation shop (effects: AllStats +15)
- Random Pick-Up Pet Box added to donation and vote shop (effects: no effects)

Regards SadPANDA

Release date: 30.01.2016, 12:33

Patchnotes 1.4.1

Patchnotes 1.4.1
General Changes:
- Upresia 1 (non master) boss spawn fixed
- User panel description changed
- Vital Drink X price changed to 3m
- Activision price changed to 3m
- Refresher Hold price changed to 3m
- Damage SFX changed
- Maelstrom Strike description changed
- Shield Bash is now working correctly
- Hernes Big Sword attack speed changed to very fast
- Hernesum Big Sword attack speed changed to very fast
- Buff Breaker price adjusted
- Scroll of Combat 20 adjusted
- Pumpkin Mask(M/F) effects removed
- Pumokin Mask(M/F) price reduced
- Behemoth droprate decreased slightly
- weapon level system exp rate reduced (50%)
- weapon amplification (low) added to [Red Chip Exchange] Smiff
- weapon amplification (high) added to [Red Chip Exchange] Smiff

Item Mall
- Donate Lucky Bead Box added to donation shop
- Scroll of Name Change added to vote shop
- Scroll of Guild Name Change added to vote shop

Burnout system effects changed
- Burnout of Speed -> 15% Speed
- Burnout of Steal -> 5% Soul leech
- Burnout of Stat -> 15 All Stats
- Burnout of Monster -> 8%PvM damage

Petfilter changes:
- Shields added
- Stated Items added (rarity system)
- Blue/Green weapons fixed
- Blue/Green sets fixed
- Penya removed

Meteor changes:
- Blue/Green/Red meteor dungeon level cap changed to 110-130
- Blue/Green/Red meteor level changed to 130
- Legendary Volcane port added to Teleporter

Regards SadPANDA

Release date: 24.01.2016, 03:04

Patchnotes 1.4

Patchnotes 1.4
New Flarine added

General Changes:
- Azria ticket channel changed to 3
- Traseia ticket channel changed to 3
- Dark Traseia ticket channel changed to 3
- Vital Drink X duration changed to 1hour
- Refresher Hold duration changed to 1hour
- Vampire Boss room adjusted (no "Hit and Run")
- Behemoth Boss room adjusted (no "Hit and Run")
- Devos Boss room adjusted (no "Hit and Run")
- teleporter in Kalgas deactivated
- you get Penya instantly into your Inventory
- max tax rate changed to 10%

Meteor changes:
- Mysterious Robe boy dialogue and text removed
- Vulcano teleport removed from Teleporter
- Red, Blue, Green Meteor got a new dungeon
- cooldown 3hours / max. joinlevel 60-120
- portal is in our new Flaris

Regards SadPANDA

Release date: 19.01.2016, 04:08

Server Maintenance Tuesday!

Tomorrow we will do a server maintenance at 4pm UTC+1. Here you can see a preview:

Regards SadPANDA

Release date: 18.01.2016, 10:36

Patchnotes 1.3.1

Patchnotes 1.3.1
General Changes:
- Dragon King set effects added to description
- Dragon King Mask added to the dragon sets
- Devos Dungeon changed:
Level cap to join changed to 121-135
monster level adjusted
monster damage reduced
Devos hp reduced
Devos damage reduced

- Drop System penya view fixed
- resolution 1920x1080 is now available
- Scroll of Remove Model Change added to [Red Chip Exchange] Smiff
- Scroll of Remove Custom Title added to [Red Chip Exchange] Smiff
- Blue/Green Meteor droprate reduced
- Revenio 1on1 Set (Ringmaster) added to Blue/Green Meteor
- Aminus Hero Boss room adjusted (teleport added)
- Kalgas dungeon completely fixed

Regards SadPANDA

Release date: 15.01.2016, 04:07

Patchnotes 1.3

Patchnotes 1.3
General Changes:
- Charged Power Scroll removed from [Red Chip Exchange] Smiff
- FLY, FOR, FUN added to [Red Chip Exchange] Smiff
- Milk Chocolate stackable changed to 9999
- Friendship (A) and (B) descriptions changed
- Guild Warehouse activated in Darkon
- Wind Card effects adjusted (B,A,S)
- Donation Cards descriptions changed
- Dark Rartesia exp rate and monster level adjusted
- Scroll of Old/New Glow change description changed
- Dragon King sets added to [Blue Chip Exchanger] Other
- Dragon King sets will be added to donation shop as well

Buff changes
- Rage effect changed to PvM damage +10% / Critical damage +15%

The duration of the following buffs changed to 10min:
- Empower Weapon
- Smite Axe
- Blazing Sword
- Axe Mastery
- Sword Mastery
- Special One-Handed Mastery
- Blessing of War
- Guard
- Rage
- Pain Reflection
- Special Two-Handed Mastery
- Heart of the Tower

- Perfect Block
- Yo-Yo Mastery
- Bow Mastery
- Critical Swing
- Enchant Absorb
- Enchant Blood
- Special Yo-Yo Mastery
- Whisper Dodge
- Minds Eye
- Fast Shot
- Nature
- Special Bow Mastery
- Spirit of the Hawk
- Farsight
- Devastating Sting
- Eye of the Hawk

- Stonehand
- Geburah Tiphreth
- Asmodeus
- Special Knuckle Mastery

Regards SadPANDA

Release date: 08.01.2016, 07:00