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Recent News

Patchnotes 1.7

General changes:
- [FARM]Carnia Ticket (7 days) description changed
- Rage and Guard descriptions changed
- FWC Card description changed
- FITA cookies description changed
- Guild furniture description changed
- Teleport descriptions fixed
- Buff effect name color changed
- Destructive/Lightspeed/Almighty Dragon King’s Mask effects removed
- Electric Card (D-S) Critical Rate changed to Critical Damage (Fire Cards has more Critical Damage)
- Pan Barrier duration increased
- Channel 1 - Online count from 300 to 400 increased
- Kalgas Dungeon boss room adjusted

- Donation Sale Out only for PayPal and Paysafecard available.
- Donation Sale is available for 1 day (Valentine's Day)

General fixes and advances:
- Custom title system adjusted ( forbidden words added )
- Gamemaster can remove Custom Title if they aren't allowed
- Big Red Chip added to [Red Chip Exchange] Smiff
Double-Click the Big Red Chip to convert it into 9999 Red Chips
- adjusted Timer window
- Partyfinder shows which skills/scrolls are activated

Collector Field changes:
- Mysterious Pill recovers now 50.000HP
- Mysterious Pill added to collector field
- Hot/Sweet/Fresh Ddukguk removed from collector field

Valentine's Week Event 2016
Farm "Heart Pieces" and exchange it by Trixy into Valentino Boxes
You can get great items:
x5 Blue Chips
x1 Chocolate Bar (Recovers 200 HP)
x1 Mysterious Pill (Recovers HP by 50,000)
x1 Milk Chocolate (10% Speed)
x1 Twister Cracker
x1 Rocket Cracker
x1 Heart Cracker
x1 No Disguise
x1 Juia Trans
x1 Bang Trans
x1 Mushpang Trans
x1 Level Balloon (5% HpRate)
x1 Valentine Chocolate
x1 Baby Pinata (All Stats +15)

Regards SadPANDA

Release date: 13.02.2016, 11:22

Patchnotes 1.6

Patchnotes 1.6
General Changes:
- Baby Minion added for Nikkyy (first one with level 150)
- Donater of the month will get a Baby Pikatchu with new effects
Bilder oder Fotos hochladen
- command whisper completely removed
- Some Cash Shop pet models fixed
- Baby Rangda size changed
- Timer window size increased
- Clockworks quest removed
- Clockwors will spawn on random places in Madrigal
- Wind Card description adjusted
- FFA times changed:
Time 12:30am
Time 03:30am
Time 06:30am
Time 09:30am
Time 12:30pm
Time 03:30pm
Time 06:30pm
Time 09:30pm

[Red Chip Exchange] Smiff got new items
- Road Hog Set M/F added
- Custom Hats added

Guild House Furnitures
- Common Guild House items added
- Elegant Guild House items added
- Wooden Guild House items added
- Plush Guild House items added

Class balance changes
- Special Bow Mastery effect changed
- Fast Shot effect changed
- Kalgas Forcemaster set effect changed from 30% to 40%HpRate
- Dryad Ranger set effect changed from 30% to 40%HpRate
- Dryad Jester set effect changed from 25% to 40%HpRate
- Dryad Blade set effect changed from 25% to 40%HpRate
- Dryad Elementor set effect changed from 30% to 40%HpRate

Regards SadPANDA

Release date: 05.02.2016, 12:42

Patchnotes 1.5

Patchnotes 1.5
General Changes:
- Wing Masks added to item mall and ingame [Blue Chip Exchange] Other
- Model prices reduced to 5000 Blue Chips
- Collector Cloak chance reduced
- Flask of the Lion/Fox/Rabbit/Tiger reduced
- Kalgas dungeon bossroom adjusted
- Guild War map changed to reduce the stun bugg
- Some Madrigal Models position fixed
- Volcano port changed to flaris if you are dead
- Dragon sets changed -> now you get all effects with 3 parts
- Dragon masks effect changed to allstats +5
- Ankou damage increased (20%)
- Carnia Ticket description changed

Weapon/Set changes:
- All set effects adjusted from Bloody-Kalgas
- Hernes/Hernesum Big Sword attack speed changed to fastest
- Hernes/Hernesum Big Sword sword cross added
- Hernesum Big Sword effects increased (better then Legendary Golden weapon)
- Behemoth Sword (Templar) basic attack increased
- Behemoth Sword (Templar) critical damage increased

Item Mall:
- Lucky Pick-Up Pet Box added to donation shop (effects: AllStats +15)
- Random Pick-Up Pet Box added to donation and vote shop (effects: no effects)

Regards SadPANDA

Release date: 30.01.2016, 12:33

Patchnotes 1.4.1

Patchnotes 1.4.1
General Changes:
- Upresia 1 (non master) boss spawn fixed
- User panel description changed
- Vital Drink X price changed to 3m
- Activision price changed to 3m
- Refresher Hold price changed to 3m
- Damage SFX changed
- Maelstrom Strike description changed
- Shield Bash is now working correctly
- Hernes Big Sword attack speed changed to very fast
- Hernesum Big Sword attack speed changed to very fast
- Buff Breaker price adjusted
- Scroll of Combat 20 adjusted
- Pumpkin Mask(M/F) effects removed
- Pumokin Mask(M/F) price reduced
- Behemoth droprate decreased slightly
- weapon level system exp rate reduced (50%)
- weapon amplification (low) added to [Red Chip Exchange] Smiff
- weapon amplification (high) added to [Red Chip Exchange] Smiff

Item Mall
- Donate Lucky Bead Box added to donation shop
- Scroll of Name Change added to vote shop
- Scroll of Guild Name Change added to vote shop

Burnout system effects changed
- Burnout of Speed -> 15% Speed
- Burnout of Steal -> 5% Soul leech
- Burnout of Stat -> 15 All Stats
- Burnout of Monster -> 8%PvM damage

Petfilter changes:
- Shields added
- Stated Items added (rarity system)
- Blue/Green weapons fixed
- Blue/Green sets fixed
- Penya removed

Meteor changes:
- Blue/Green/Red meteor dungeon level cap changed to 110-130
- Blue/Green/Red meteor level changed to 130
- Legendary Volcane port added to Teleporter

Regards SadPANDA

Release date: 24.01.2016, 03:04

Patchnotes 1.4

Patchnotes 1.4
New Flarine added

General Changes:
- Azria ticket channel changed to 3
- Traseia ticket channel changed to 3
- Dark Traseia ticket channel changed to 3
- Vital Drink X duration changed to 1hour
- Refresher Hold duration changed to 1hour
- Vampire Boss room adjusted (no "Hit and Run")
- Behemoth Boss room adjusted (no "Hit and Run")
- Devos Boss room adjusted (no "Hit and Run")
- teleporter in Kalgas deactivated
- you get Penya instantly into your Inventory
- max tax rate changed to 10%

Meteor changes:
- Mysterious Robe boy dialogue and text removed
- Vulcano teleport removed from Teleporter
- Red, Blue, Green Meteor got a new dungeon
- cooldown 3hours / max. joinlevel 60-120
- portal is in our new Flaris

Regards SadPANDA

Release date: 19.01.2016, 04:08

Server Maintenance Tuesday!

Tomorrow we will do a server maintenance at 4pm UTC+1. Here you can see a preview:

Regards SadPANDA

Release date: 18.01.2016, 10:36

Patchnotes 1.3.1

Patchnotes 1.3.1
General Changes:
- Dragon King set effects added to description
- Dragon King Mask added to the dragon sets
- Devos Dungeon changed:
Level cap to join changed to 121-135
monster level adjusted
monster damage reduced
Devos hp reduced
Devos damage reduced

- Drop System penya view fixed
- resolution 1920x1080 is now available
- Scroll of Remove Model Change added to [Red Chip Exchange] Smiff
- Scroll of Remove Custom Title added to [Red Chip Exchange] Smiff
- Blue/Green Meteor droprate reduced
- Revenio 1on1 Set (Ringmaster) added to Blue/Green Meteor
- Aminus Hero Boss room adjusted (teleport added)
- Kalgas dungeon completely fixed

Regards SadPANDA

Release date: 15.01.2016, 04:07

Patchnotes 1.3

Patchnotes 1.3
General Changes:
- Charged Power Scroll removed from [Red Chip Exchange] Smiff
- FLY, FOR, FUN added to [Red Chip Exchange] Smiff
- Milk Chocolate stackable changed to 9999
- Friendship (A) and (B) descriptions changed
- Guild Warehouse activated in Darkon
- Wind Card effects adjusted (B,A,S)
- Donation Cards descriptions changed
- Dark Rartesia exp rate and monster level adjusted
- Scroll of Old/New Glow change description changed
- Dragon King sets added to [Blue Chip Exchanger] Other
- Dragon King sets will be added to donation shop as well

Buff changes
- Rage effect changed to PvM damage +10% / Critical damage +15%

The duration of the following buffs changed to 10min:
- Empower Weapon
- Smite Axe
- Blazing Sword
- Axe Mastery
- Sword Mastery
- Special One-Handed Mastery
- Blessing of War
- Guard
- Rage
- Pain Reflection
- Special Two-Handed Mastery
- Heart of the Tower

- Perfect Block
- Yo-Yo Mastery
- Bow Mastery
- Critical Swing
- Enchant Absorb
- Enchant Blood
- Special Yo-Yo Mastery
- Whisper Dodge
- Minds Eye
- Fast Shot
- Nature
- Special Bow Mastery
- Spirit of the Hawk
- Farsight
- Devastating Sting
- Eye of the Hawk

- Stonehand
- Geburah Tiphreth
- Asmodeus
- Special Knuckle Mastery

Regards SadPANDA

Release date: 08.01.2016, 07:00

Patchnotes 1.2.1

Patchnotes 1.2.1
General Changes:
- Rarity System fixed
[Magic] -> 1% better effects
[Rare] -> 2% better effects
[Unique] -> 3% better effects
[Epic] -> 5% better effects

- Ultimate Piercing changed to 5Slots
- Powerup box price reduced
- [FARM]Carnia Ticket (7 days) price reduced
- Char Create design fixed
- Guild Buff System -> Dark Illu bug fixed
- Behemoth Dungeon adjusted
- Kalgas Dungeon adjusted
- Aminus Hero Boss room changed in order to avoid running tanks
don't go into the lava - you will die

Regards SadPANDA

Release date: 06.01.2016, 07:05

Patchnotes 1.2

Patchnotes 1.2

New Systems
- Guild Buff System added

Guild Level 10 - 15%PvM Damage
Guild Level 20 - 20%Speed
Guild Level 30 - Decreased Casting Time +15%
Guild Level 40 - HpRate +5%
Guild Level 50 - AtkRate +5% and ExpRate +10%

- Swing Color System added

Swing Red Scroll added to [Red Chip Exchange] Smiff
Swing Green Scroll added to [Red Chip Exchange] Smiff
Swing Blue Scroll added to [Red Chip Exchange] Smiff
Swing Purple Scroll added to [Red Chip Exchange] Smiff
Swing Yellow Scroll added to [Red Chip Exchange] Smiff
Swing Orange Scroll added to [Red Chip Exchange] Smiff

- Display Pickup System added

Class balance changes
- Hp Rate increased
- Hp Rate increased

Other Changes:
- now you can't root Meteor anymore
- Charname added to Neuz description

- Carnia Farm Map Ticket duration adjusted
- Farm Map Carnia again adjusted:
Monster Hp decreased
Monster damage reduced
Monster droprate improved (more boxes and Blue Chips)

Regards SadPANDA

Release date: 03.01.2016, 09:38

Patchnotes 1.1

Patchnotes 1.1
Class balance changes

- Complete HP/FP/MP Calculation revised

- Psychic Square damage reduced
- Spirit Bomb damage reduced
- Windfield damage reduced
- Asmodeus effect changed to 20%AtkRate
- Smite Axe effect changed to 15%Critical Chance and 15%AtkSpeed
- Empore Weapon effect changed to 20%Attack
- Critical Swing effect changed to 20%AtkRate
- Critical Swing duration increased
- Bow Mastery effect changed to 15%CrirRate

Other changes:
- Meteonyker shouts removed
- Vanilla Cupcakes 9999 stackable
- (Event)Pride of Victory duration changed to 2hours
- PvPArena Sfx fixed
- Rartesia Models removed (easier to level)
- Geburah Tiphreth duration inreased

- Farm Map Carnia adjusted:
Ticket description changed
monster level changed to 80, 120 and 150
Penya rates increased (x2)
Lucky Boxes rate increased

Release date: 30.12.2015, 06:05

Patchnotes 1.0

Pachnotes 1.0
- Safe Upgrade fixed
- Pot of Thanks tradeable
- Billposter HP increased
- Penya Strike damage reduced
- Critical Swing -> 12%AttackRate added
- Lucky Pet Box name changed to Lucky Box
- Savage Wild cooldown increased to 1hour

- Carnia (Farm World) updated
Penya droprate increased
Lucky Box droprate increased
Normal Meteonyker drops removed
some Models fixed

- We have reduced the roomsize of Behemoth, Kalgas & Aminus
in order to avoid running tanks

Release date: 30.12.2015, 02:08